Brian Williams Raps

NBC Nightly News managing editor and anchor Brian Williams raps The Sugar Hill Gang’s classic “Rapper’s Delight” — and, yes, he brought two friends along.

This Powerful Driving-Safety Ad Will Give You Goosebumps

Amazing road safety advert.

How Not To Steal Gas

Caught on CCTV, the driver of the red car appears to panic and drives away – while the nozzle is still attached to the car.

Awesome Animal Impressions

This guy has some impressive animal impression skills.

Incredible Plane Landing Time Lapse

Check out this incredible time lapse video which captured every plane landing at San Diego International Airport within 4 and a half-hour period.

Jackson The Servant Dog

Jackson gets ready to play Frisbee: opens the door from outside, closes the door, gets the remote, finds his Frisbee, gets his water bottle from the fridge, closes the fridge, and stretches his paws.

Butthead Dog Costume

A boxer shows off his “Butthead” costume on Oct. 20, 2012, at the annual Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade.

Worlds Most Dramatic Bike Crash

I think you’re gunna be alright kid.

Can Romney Win?

“he’s makin’ it rain, i can hear it”

Incredible RECORD 67-Yard Field Goal

Austin Rehkow, of Central Valley HS in Spokane Valley WA kicks a 67-yard field goal (yes, 67 yards!!!, maybe even 67 ¼ yards… look closely at the line of scrimmage) with 2 seconds left to tie game with Shadle Park

Amazing Street Performance

Still not sure how this is physically possible.

Epic Ice Cannonball

This guy attempts to cannonball through an iced over pool and fails miserably.